Cambridge Lıttle Steps

Gabriela Zapiain

Complete Beginner


Step into the world of Cambridge Little Steps, a language and early literacy course for very young children, and turn stories, intriguing questions, phonics and creative play into opportunities for learning to communicate and think creatively in English.


• Develop rich, natural vocabulary, emotional competencies and values with stories.

• Tap into natural curiosity and investigate life’s Big Questions from different angles.

• Introduce children to reading, writing and basic math with friendly phonics and numeracy strands.

• Let children be creative with playful activities and projects that turn your classroom into a world of learning and fun!

•Building communicative competencies from the start

• Focus on language as well as body awareness and listening skills; key steps to natural communication and collaboration in English.

• Systematic reinforcement activities throughout every unit ensure that children retain the language and build on it. Keeping your class engaged

• Presentation Plus brings you animated stories, songs and all the classroom materials you need to engage your students’ attention and tune ears to English sounds.

• Varied components including Big Books, posters and a puppet!

Cambridge Lıttle Steps

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