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If you want to see our terms of agreement, privacy policy and other agreements, you can read the sections below for full details. 

Application Procedures

1. Application


Contract Form: By approving and sending the application contract, the student accepts that he has made a binding agreement with MultiDil YDM. After MultiDil YDM receives the completed and approved application form and application fee, MultiDil YDM issues a registration confirmation e-mail if there is a place in the student's course. With this registration confirmation e-mail, a binding contract is created between the student and MultiDil YDM.

Your privacy is important to us. When you send us your personal information note that you will be deemed to have complied with the conditions described in our privacy policy, which you can access at  

2. Payment Date

All course fees (unless otherwise stated) must be paid in full at least 1 day before the course start date. If the course enrollment is made within 24 hours of the start date, payment must be made at the time of enrollment. If payment is not made in full, you will not be allowed to start the course.

Contract terms

1. Rules and Regulations

Students' agreement with MultiDil YDM is subject to the legal regulations of the country where they receive education service.

2. Late Entries, Holidays and Absences

If you enroll late or are absent during the program, we will do our best to ensure that you complete your entire study period, but we cannot always guarantee this. In addition, no refund will be made for missed days unless an absence permit is granted by MultiDil YDM. Absences cannot be compensated as a free additional course. Failure to attend the class outside of the specified times will be counted as absenteeism. The case of granting a Course Permit after the start of the course will be evaluated at the discretion of the instructors, depending on the circumstances, and may result in a change in the fee or be counted as absenteeism. If the student does not attend the lesson 3 times in a row, an emergency contact person, MultiDil YDM representative or sponsor will be contacted in order to ensure the safety and well-being of the student. If the student is a minor, the authorities can also be contacted. If the student does not attend the class 5 times in a row without giving notice, the course will be terminated. Normal cancellation refund terms and conditions apply.

3. Missed Lessons

There is no refund or additional course application for the missed course.

4. Public Holidays


Classes are usually not held on public holidays.

5. Change Fees

Any change must be notified at least 1 day in advance. In case of a course date or program change request made after the course start date, a 30% fee is charged to be paid at the time of request. Cancellation and abandonment cases are not included in this. In these cases, the relevant Cancellation and Abandonment clauses below will apply. MultiDil YDM is not obliged to fulfill any requested changes. Students subject to Price Configuration cannot be transferred to another MultiDil YDM program within the program. If you upgrade to a lower-fee plan, the difference in fees is non-refundable. If you upgrade to a more expensive plan, you will be charged the difference in fees. All changes to be made depend on the decision of MultiDil YDM. If you extend your course duration, you will not be subject to any course change fees. It is the student's responsibility to pay the extended course fee. Any program change resulting in a reduction in the number of courses is considered a cancellation and re-registration of enrollment and therefore will be subject to cancellation under standard dropout conditions.

6. Lesson Duration


All online classes are 40 minutes unless stated otherwise. Courses can be held daily and classes are online in the morning, afternoon or evening. MultiDil YDM does not guarantee an exact syllabus.

Face-to-face classes held at the address specified by the customer are 50 minutes.

7. Program Changes


MultiDil YDM has the right to change the course dates, curriculum, instructors, location or programs at any time in line with its own decision. However, if the new date of the changed course does not suit the student before the first lesson starts, all fees are refunded.

8. Prices​


MultiDil YDM; There are changes in prices in the face of tax increases, government-based developments or events that may develop beyond the control of MultiDil YDM. Fees are generally valid for courses that will start within 1 month.

9. Force Majeure

MultiDil YDM; cannot be held responsible for the failure of suppliers and subcontractors to perform the services they are obliged to do under the contract due to natural disasters, government law, errors, business disputes or other circumstances beyond their control.

10. Photo, Video and Audio Recording

MultiDil YDM or its representatives can take photos or videos of students for promotional purposes, either in print or online. Students who do not want to participate in this should notify us during registration and indicate that they do not want to participate during the photo or video shoot. By accepting the terms of this agreement, the student (or his/her family/guardian if under the age of 18) allows the use of these photos and videos without any other permission or notification.


Company Policies:

Money Back Policy

A. Refunds will only be made to:

The original payer, and only the original account from which the payment was received, to ensure compliance with laws and international law, and to prevent financial crimes

B. Conditions

Refunds will be made within 21 days of written notice. In case of cancellation or completion of any course by MultiDil YDM; All unused services will be refunded.

Students who cancel their courses after the course has started will be subject to the following refunds (according to the MultiDil YDM Refund Policy):

• Courses lasting one month or more: If the course lasts for a month or more and the student cancels the course by the end of the tenth business day from the first day of enrollment in the plan, up to 50 percent of the fee paid can be deducted from the amount charged.

Tuition fees cannot be transferred to other students. Fees paid to extend the course are non-refundable.

Postponement Policy

Postponement can only be made upon receipt of a valid written request from the customer. Registrations can be delayed up to two times within one month of the original registration date. Registrations can be delayed for a maximum of 2 weeks at a time. Your new registration will be made on the current application fees of that day. Only one education promotion can be used at a time. Overdue promotions cannot be used in the event of a delay.

Cancellation Policy

'Cancellation' means the cancellation of the first course program in which you are attending and where attendance is required before the start date. In all cases except as stated; 100% of the tuition fees will be refunded if cancellations are notified in writing 1 day - Price Configurations 3 days - or before the program date specified in the registration confirmation form. (Excluding deposit payments if taken in certain programs)

Leave Policy


'Abandonment' means leaving all or part of the course or courses, including extensions, enrolled after the first course has started. When determining the weeks used, an incomplete week (when the student attends the course program during the week at least one day) is considered as a full week. When calculating any refund, the used weeks of the discounted course packages are calculated at the regular rate without discounts.



These Terms of Contract may change in direct proportion to the changes to be made by institutions or administrations (local or national). These changes will be notified to students during registration. The laws apply in any dispute, objection or other situation that may occur. The Terms and Conditions of Contract stated here are only valid for the training you will receive with MultiDil YDM.

Complaint Procedure


We work very hard to ensure that you get the level of service you need. However, there may be times when you are not completely happy with the service you receive. All MultiDil YDM employees are ready to talk to you if you have any problems. We are committed to responding to your questions within 24 hours. If you are not satisfied with the service we have provided, please follow the steps listed below to resolve your problem:

First step

Education: If you have concerns about your classroom or education, please talk to your teacher first. If you are still not happy with the outcome after speaking with your teacher, please speak to a senior teacher or the Director of Education.

Administration: If your course is related to payment, dates, etc. Contact the Company Manager if you are having problems with issues.


Second step

If you are not satisfied with the response you received from these officers, please share your problem with the company owner.

Hizmet ve İade Politikaları
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