Guess What!

Susannah Reed and Kay Bentley, Series Editor: Lesley Koustaff

Complete Beginner to Elementary


Why do whales jump out of water? What makes our bodies move? Take young learners on a remarkable journey of exploration and discovery to find out the answers. As they progress through highly visual, video-rich units, children improve their proficiency in English and other subjects.


• Beautiful, real-world images tap into children’s natural curiosity and spark interest in the unit topics.

• CLIL lessons with real-world videos improve proficiency across subject areas as well as listening and critical thinking skills.

• Focus on useful functional language in every unit gives learners the tools to become effective speakers in and outside of school.

• Exciting stories with social values prepare children for success in life by teaching them collaboration, communication and responsibility.

• Grammar Practice Book Level 6 boosts the exit level of Guess What! to A2. Please visit the website to download.

Guess What!

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