True Beginner to Advanced

Kate Adams, Lida Baker, Robyn Brinks Lockwood, Stephanie Dimond-Bayir, Nancy Jordan, Alan S. Kennedy, Lewis Lansford, Michele Lewis, Richard O’Neill, Sabina Ostrowska, Susan Peterson, Kimberley Russell, Chris Sowton, Carolyn Westbrook, N.M. White, Jessica Williams


Unlock Basic


Combining the four skills with a focus on literacy and an introduction to Critical Thinking, Unlock Basic supports Pre A1 learners to they take their first steps towards academic success.


• Insights from expert teachers ensure the course meets the specific academic needs of pre-A1 students.

• Research into over 5 million words students use and need has informed the language taught.

• Speaking, reading and writing skills are integrated within academic contexts to provide students with an effective and manageable learning experience.

• Watch and remember lessons in every unit include video and motivate students to recycle and extend the language they’ve learned.


Unlock Second Edition


An academic-light English course, builds the skills and language students need for their studies. It helps students to think critically in an academic context right from the start of their language learning and has been developed using academic and classroom research to ensure it meets their needs.


• Improved Critical Thinking.

• 100% brand new and improved video lessons at every level with a greater focus on comprehension.

• Research using the Cambridge English Corpus and English Profile focuses on the language areas students find most challenging.

• Clearer contexts for language presentation and practice, text-by-text glossaries, and more supportive writing sections.

• Online Workbooks with more robust content.

• End of unit review tests and mid-course and end-of-course tests.




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